A350 request on the IFC


Although this may not affect my fellow AAVA pilots as AA cancelled their A350 order, but our friends at BAVA have something to be excited for. The A350 Feature request hit 1000 votes!!! This calls for some celebration, as the A350 is a favorite for many!


@Chris_Hoover we don’t need to hear about your Boeing stuff. Let some Airbus into you :slight_smile:


:noairbus: #boeing #thebest


102% disagree. Try resolving your Trent 1000 issues first before talking smack :joy: @Chris_Hoover


Still looking for that A330 rework :eyes:


I think some aircraft such as the A330, A380, 757, 767, and 777’s need a rework first.




Ummm… I’ll take GEnx… but GE90s are cool too.


You do know that RR is a supplier to both companies, right?


Ik but the Trent 1000 issue isn’t relevant to the A350. Im sorry but I try to find any way possible to one up Chris and his Boeing

Shall we?

Shall we gang up on Chris, and try to lure him to the light side that is Airbus and the A350 :wink:


I say yes. @Chris_Hoover let’s start molding u into an Airbus fan :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Well we all know the dark side is always better… and we have cookies… #darkside #boeingside


Id rather have an A350 XD , but the GEs are not bad tho


We have ice cream though here in Toulouse (sundaes are available upon request)


Duh…you’re just salty because AA cancelled their US Airways order XD (joke btw)