American Airbus A350


I really hope American decides to rethink their option of ordering the A350. I would love to see the American Livery on one of those birds.


Boeing fan, sorry but keep the 787 orders going American!


I do want to see A350s replacing their A330s though (if not B787s or B777Xs :frowning: ).
Their A330s are starting to get old, and KCLT needs to start seeing some new aircraft… (AA A330s take up the majority of the wide-bodies here)


No :rage::rage: i 101% disagree


Ahh… good old Charlotte! Never have flown in but have driven by a few times while I was there in February… beautiful city btw


Well they’ll realise their mistake once the European airlines get ahold of all of their A350s!


If they don’t order the A350, AA and Hawaiian will be the only major long-haul carrier in the US that won’t operste the A350. Even United ordered 45 of them, with deliveries starting in 2022

Hawaiian was meant to buy them, but converted to the A330-800 for ease of operation.


I am a Boeing fan, so I’m obviously going to say that more 787’s would be a better option


It would be cool to see them in AA liveries