American Virtual // Going Retro @MBPV - 05DEC0100Z18



~Brought To You By American Virtual~

Join American Virtual as we celebrate the addition of 3 new retro liveries to our 737-800 fleet. Anyone is able to attend, and if you’re interested please reply below. You’ll be assigned a callsign right before the event. Please spawn 10 minutes prior to event start time!

Event Details

Wednesday, December 5th - Retro

Event Details:
Time of Event: 0100Z / 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Starting ICAO: MBPV
Aircraft: 737-800 / B738 (Any Retro Livery)
Flightplan: TBD
1: @Chris Hoover [BoD] // AAVONE
2: @BoeingA320 [BoD] // AAV1583
3: @Dylan B [Supervisor] // AAV9786
4: @Will Ford {AAVA21} // AAV21
5: @CamH21 // AAV2323
6: @AsternDestroyer // AAV4195
7: @cesarirureta // AAV439
GA 01:
GA 03:
GA 05
(More gates will be added if needed).

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