An update on the Boeing 737 Max


After the tragic accidents that have occurred in the past months the aircraft’s safety was questioned thus forcing a worldwide grounding. Progress was made as the aircraft manufacturer made an update to the MCAS system. After sending a team to Boeing’s Renton plant in Washington, American Airlines has made the decision to continue flight cancellations until April 24th. More information:

I can’t wait to see these beauties back up as I was privileged to fly aboard one on my flight from KMIA-KBOS last December.


As optimistic as Apr 24 sounds, I’m stil questioning if the planes can safely fly even by June, and the load factors of the planes


Now would be a good time to buy boeing stock. Super low right now, but I’m sure it’ll go back up once the MAX issues get resolved and they begin selling again.


@Chris_Hoover take note ^^


Lol I already have Boeing stocks


It’ll be party time at the airbus factories when airlines start opting for the A320neo family :slight_smile:


Buy more then

Or sell me some :wink::wink:


I am not your servant. Back ON TOPIC :rage:


I was able to fly on a B38M once from San Jose to San Diego on Southwest Airlines :smiley:


Similar to @BigBert10, before they grounded this plane I was able to fly BOS-HOU-BOS on it with SWA as well. Quite the airplane, too bad it’s having mechanical problems.


Ooh! Do you remember the registration of the airplane you were on

I was on WN1368 operated by N8711Q


May have been that same registration as it sounded familiar