BigBert10's Airline Manager Tracking Thread


Hello, OWVAC,

I don’t think you know this but I recently started playing Airlines Manager on the side in order to keep me from being bored at school or at home.

So at school, while my friends are playing clash of clans and what not, I am playing Airlines Manager.

Anyways, this is a tracking thread of what is going on with my airline (FarSkies) so far.

Hopefully, this is allowed here XD
I will try to update it regularly but there will be no guarantees.

Airline Info

Airline: FarSkies
CEO: BigBert10


Main Hub: KSJC
Other Hubs: KLAX, KPDX, KTPA

I will do this to try and boost activity here.



IFC Group



Hub: Portland (PDX/KPDX)
Destination: San Diego (SAN/KSAN) and Santa Ana (SNA/KSNA)


I remember that game! My Hub was LHR, JFK, and LAX. All I did was Basically all long hauls and ultra long hauls with A380s and 777s


Is your account still active right now

I am in an alliance (that has only me XD) called the IFC Group and it would be nice to have others from IFC in that alliance as we can share routes and profit together.

Only works if you are on computer though (I play both computer and mobile)


Play Mobile. Also, I kinda quit :joy: I can possibly work my way up. Highest stars I got was one Gold Star and then I got lazy and fell all the way down.


Oh, that’s a big oof XD

I got all the way up to 5 stars and still expanding


I just started to play the game. JeffRuiz Air if you wanna invest :wink:


I did something to log myself out so my new airline is Jeffrey1o2 Air


Do you also play this on computer

If so, it would be nice to have an IFC alliance (I created one) of all IFC members on Airlines Manager.

Anyways, if you want to, you can make a thread for Jeffery1o2 Air on this community like I did



With a structural profit of $18.8 million, I have earned another star for my airline making my star count to be 6 stars! :smiley:

FarSkies is growing strong! :smiley:


18 million, man Bert just go ahead and take over SWA would ya!



I am considering buying a new hub in the midwest or east coast soon in order to fulfill the markets there. One problem though: I am undecided on which airport to open my new hub on, so I need your help. Please vote for the airport below

  • Tampa International Airport (TPA/KTPA)
  • Cincinnati International Airport (CVG/KCVG)
  • Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU/KRDU)
  • Other (reply below)

0 voters

Thanks for your help! :smiley:


I vote CVG because you can make Kyle happy


Wait which Kyle

kyler24 or @KyleGreen


JFK. It’s just a very famous airport!


I don’t see myself opening up JFK as a hub anytime soon because it is already a hub for Delta and JetBlue and it is pretty crowded

I also don’t like long taxi times there

I will add routes to JFK though (I currently have LAX-JFK)



Hub: San Jose (SJC/KSJC)
Destination: Tampa (TPA/KTPA

Destinations from SJC

Destinations from SJC within North America

3 Airplanes have been purchased for this route:

  • 2 B738s
  • 1 B739ER

I am planning to increase the frequency if Tampa becomes a hub, which it is most likely to.



Hub: Portland (PDX/KPDX)
Destination: Tampa (TPA/KTPA)


Very scenic route, like the thinking!



Hub: Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX)
Destination: Tampa (TPA/KTPA)