British Airways Virtual @ Flight Sim Show 2018!


Continuing on from our post on our Infinite Flight Community Thread, me, @ThomasR, @CJH, @BenTyson06, Luke Kelly and a bunch of other members of BAVA will be attending Flight Sim Show this next Saturday at RAF Museum Cosford!

Expect a lot of activity on our social media channels, including (hopefully) a livestream of Laura’s keynote speech on Saturday Morning! We’ll be sure to get some cute pictures of us all, and we’ll post any interesting updates in the thread below!


Cool.Wish I could join,sadly I failed both test and can’t join


Enjoy guys! And keep me updated!


Did Camerons strongly worded email not pay off?


You’re not going to go?


New York? gulp



I’d love to but school commitments say I can’t


We’re all on our way to Flight Sim Show 2018! Stay tuned on BAVA’s Instagram for Live Updates all day!


Hello from Flight Sim 18!


And that’s a wrap! (From me)!


You not going to the meet-up?


Off to Wales. I’m sure @BenTyson06 will keep you updated!

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