Casual Jokes Thread


What’s the difference between an airplane and a helicopter?

One takes longer to fly than the other :joy:


I’m going to try to keep this forum active by saying;

What did the traffic light say to the car?
Don’t look! I’m about to change.


Why was 6 scared?
Cause 789


I get the joke but still to this day I believe that number 10, not number 6, should be the the one fearful of number 7.


Finally! Someone agrees with me on that!


Thought I restart this thread

(this didn’t actually happen irl)

I got together with a girl named Ruth, but she broke up with me.

So now I’m




How I feel about finals coming up:

Dashing through homework
And study guides also
O the journey we go
Crying all the way

Oh the freaking tests
My brain gets no darn rest
Go out into a pack of snow
And let your body go OH

Jingle Bells
Taking L’s
Hit me with despair
I’m so done
This isn’t fun
There goes my GPA (AYY)

Had to make this cleaner than my original one XD


This is soooo true haha


Quite common joke

Me getting an A on a test


Why did the chicken cross the road.
Becuase it saw a hot chick


I honestly dont get it


7 8 9

Is like seven ATE nine
That was why 6 was scared because 6 doesn’t want to get eaten by 7


Oh I get it now 6 was scared


What did the pig say on a hot sunny day at the beach?

I’m bakin XD


What do you call cheese that is not yours,

Nacho cheese