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Welcome to the Qantas Virtual OneWorld Alliance thread! Below you’ll find information about Qantas Virtual Group and what we offer. Here you’ll also find new updates regarding our VA, the alliance, events and more! Stay tuned for more exciting things to come…


Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, the Spirit of Australia.
Today Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. We have striven to ensure maximum professionalism from our passionate staff and members of our organisation. Qantas Virtual Group has led the Virtual Airline Industry of Infinite Flight ever since the beginning of operations back in 2012. We revolutionised the industry with experienced staff, innovative and complex systems as well as high quality for all of our members.

For over seven years, we have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and it’s all because of the passionate members who work around the globe to keep our network going, our rigorous training, exceptional teamwork and the passion we all share.

Qantas Virtual has always looked to the horizon. We’ve always pushed boundaries and flown further to connect Australia to the world and the world to the Spirit of Australia.

Along the way, we’ve made your journey simpler. From introducing phpVMS into the Infinite Flight Community in early 2015 to working with developers to build the latest vACARS system. Now, we’re setting our sights on the next frontier…



Did you know that when you join Qantas Virtual Group as a pilot, you’ll get access to more than 650 real-world schedules and 10 different aircraft over 3 Virtual Airlines as you rank up? That’s right, we base our operations off of the real Qantas, so we also run Jetstar and QantasLink Virtual, and our pilots can choose to fly any of the three, they aren’t stuck with one.
You’ll also get to fly with our partner VA’s and have the opportunity to gain hours using a whole new diverse fleet of aircraft and thousands of new routes!

We are also Infinite Flight’s first Virtual Airline. With over 7 years of Virtual Experience, we can guarantee that you’ll be flying with the best!
With our advanced systems and large registry of pilots, you won’t be disappointed.

Fly with the best, Fly Qantas Virtual


Here at Qantas Virtual, we pride ourselves on having a large, active and friendly staff base. We are here to assist you in any way possible to ensure your experience with us is smooth and
Take a look at our staff members by clicking on the dropdown box below.

Our Staff
OneWorld Legislature
CEO Darren R - @Darren_QFA0333
COO Angelo M - @Angelo
Executive Director David L - @David_L
Human Resources
Human Resources Officer Adam S - @Adam
Flight Operations
Flight Operations Director Josh H - @qvJosh
Flight Operations Officer Luke M - @Luke_M
Flight Operations Officer Sam B - @sam2875

Support Staff

Social Media Representative Luke L - @Luke_L

image OneWorld Virtual Alliance

We love to make advancements in Qantas Virtual Group that provide our members with the best service possible. We are very excited to announce that Qantas Virtual Group have officially joined the OneWorld Virtual Alliace, and we can’t wait to see where this new partnership leads!
This will bring many benefits to the Alliance and Qantas Virtual Group and we look forward to working with our new partners.


Questions, Concerns, Queries?
Don’t hesitate to contact us through our 24/7 Livechat or by messaging a staff member.


Great to see this highly regarded VA in OneWorld. Best of wishes friends!


Thank you @TaJay - we’re very excited to be here!

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