Favorite Aircraft?


What is your favorite aircraft and why? Please be kind when talking to others as this is casual conversation and not a debate.

I’ll start… I love the 737. Especially the Max-9. I love the shape of it, and the wings are amazing. I espically love the Scimitars on the Max and cannot wait until it comes to IF!


Mine has to be the B747-400. Sad to see her slowly being phased out, but BA and Virgin Atlantic both still operate a fairly sizable fleet from the UK.

I had the privilege of flying on the Queen :crown: in October to KMCO from EGPF (eww Glasgow :face_vomiting: @ThomasR). Was an all round great flight and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to fly on one of the beauties!


Love the 747’s. It’s rare to catch now. It’s such a majestic aircraft, I’m sad to see it being phased out.


I know I’m going to get destroyed in the PMs, but i love the A350. Its sleek, and I love the curled wingtips. Love flying it, and its really quiet, which i love too.


I prefer the 787 as it’s so technologically advanced! Also it just looks cool, I especially love how the wings look. They just look so modern!


I’d got to say I love the 787! Perhaps because I see them around 10 times a day and with many airlines operating it. Watching videos about them is also fascinating for me.


Didn’t fly the -9, but flew the -8 MAX. Very cozy cabin, even in economy. Knocked out within 5 minutes of sitting down lol


Any possible friendship ended here.

(just kidding, I love the A350, and it’s still better than the B787 :wink:) :eu::eu:


I have got to say I love a good old Boeing 777 as you can’t go wrong with the ge90 engines but then the 787 is very comfortable aswell


I mean, the A350 is the most technically advanced Airliner in the skies today. It truly is a beautiful aircraft, and a wonder to fly on also.

However, my personal favourite is the Bombardier CS300 (Now rebranded the A200 series), who have looks like a combination of the a350, B787 and the ERJ190, it’s truly a beautiful aircraft and also a beauty to fly on.


I think the A380 has to be up there. It’s quite amazing how it manages to fly gracefully. Flown on a couple of Emirates’s A380. It’s just amazing :joy:


I love the 787. I love the wing flex on it :heart_eyes:


737 split scimitars ohhh:heart_eyes:


I personally like the B737-800 IRL and in IF. It’s the easiest to fly on IF in my opinion and its a nice place to fly IRL.


I like the 797. It’s an amazing aircraft.


I love all airplanes! I have lots of favorites airplanes like the 777x, 737 MAX, A319neo, A320neo, A321neo, A330neo, Queen of the skies (Boeing 747), CRJ’s (all variants) & the Q400


The Boeing 737 series.

Especially the Boeing 737-700, B738, B739, and the MAX 7, 8, and 9!


The 737 is my favorite!!


I think all airplanes have a nice look :). I don’t have a “favorite”, although I do like the looks of both the Boeing 737 and Airbus A319 series :slight_smile:


I bet the 787 is amazing for passenger comfort and the 777X will be an amazing aircraft (economically), but to me they just don’t look that great.
But I think the C-Series (BOOO A220!) looks absolutely stunning, especially when looking at it from the side or from an elevated angle. (I’m sure it flies well, too!)