Favorite Airline


What is everyone’s favorite airline. Also, what is your favorite thing about the airline, and what is your favorite plane that airline operates??


I like southwest. Their atmosphere is amazing and they are very nice and everything. The 737 MAX is pretty pretty. I’ve seen it twice in the Southwest livery and haven’t flown on it yet


Never flew southwest, but I heard it’s very nice


For me, it’s got to be Virgin Atlantic.

So they might be a bit pricey, but the service is exceptional, and their fleet is also rather cool. Flying with them again sometime soon hopefully :crossed_fingers:

And of course, the B747 for the aircraft :wink:


Long Haul I’d say Emirates. Their onboard service is just spectacular. Well worth having to stop over in Dubai. Their pricey but you pay for what you get. And the A380 :heart:

Short haul. Bangkok Air. Only had a couple of flights with them but they were awesome. Full 2 course meal of high quality on a short 1 hour flight. And slightly more legroom than normal European carriers which is a bonus


I would say Air Canada. Flew the 787-9 from Toronto to Heathrow. It was so quite and the food was brilliant!!!


I love American Airlines. I always get nice service, and we are also AAdvatage rewards members. Plus, they are the only ones to fly into the nearest airport to me.

Hmmm, wonder why I’m here…


My favorite short haul airline is probably JetBlue, because of their new airplanes, great IFE, and comfortable seats. Their “mint-class” seats on their A321s are probably the best short-haul business class seats and experience I’ve even flown.

My favorite aircraft of theirs is probably the A321 mint aircrafts, as they are all really new and modern aircraft


Long haul I’ve only been on Lufthansa and United, both B747, work was trying to save cash…, Lufthansa seemed better out of them both. Helped I was bumped up to business!
Short haul was Air Berlin. Really friendly and overal nice experiences.


For long haul definitely Emirates having flown first , business and economy it is the best value for money

For short haul I love Turkish airlines as they have Ife and use planes such as the 777 and 330 for shorter routes like London to Istanbul


My favorite airline is Air New Zealand because they are just so elegant and the atmosphere is awesome in my opinion! I like the B77W and the B789 they operate. :slight_smile:


I’m crazy for Southwest Airlines!!!

Their luv is so amazing!


My favorite long haul airline would have to be Qatar. It’s cheap (I only paid €2380,46), The best service (it’s even good in the middle seat), and exceptional food. My favorite short haul airline has to be Cityhopper. They have one of the best service even on a 45 minute flight, the cabin is designed exceptionally well for such a short flight, and the crew seems very delighted to do the job unlike some other airlines.


My favorite airline is AA.
The problem is, that opinion is quite biased because I live near KCLT and I’ve only ever flown on an airline other than AA twice :joy:


Southwest is my favorite because bags are free which is very nice. Also the flight attendnets are very nice. My favorite plane that they operate is the 737 because, well it’s there only plane.


I don’t really have a favorite as I’ve only flown the good ones once or twice, so I can’t make a decision. However, here are some of the top ones.

Lufthansa - great service and food, the 747-8 seat isn’t the best though

WestJet - the only airline I’ve flown to make the 737 comfortable, so that’s instant points

United Long Haul - and long haul only. I despise United’s short and medium haul products but their long haul product-that’s something else. The 764 is a great aircraft and the service wasn’t half bad.


Mine has to be Southwest Airlines. I like the environment and I like that the staff care for you. I also like that two bags fly free and you can watch live TV for free.

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