Favorite OneWorld Airplane


What is your favorite OW airplane? Mine is the AA 787-9 or the AA 737-800.


Definitely the LATAM 787 and if you think it’s ugly or anything less than blindingly beautiful you need serious help.


LATAM has some nice livery’s. Probably one of my favorites in the Oneworld fleet.


No I’m not a fan… you’re too obsessed with Singapore


this is facts… truer words have never been spoken


He also likes Singapore airplanes that don’t takeoff with flaps. He simulated the situation himself at VHHH in a Singapore 777


Gonna go with cathay’s new livery on the 777


Finnair a350 all day


I love the AA B738! :smiley:

It’s even better with the new update!


Singapore is in the Star Alliance, therefore you are offtopic, and I will report that message as offtopic :joy:


I don’t think he realizes that SQ isn’t in the one world alliance


Nor will SVA ever be good enough to be in such an alliance like ours :smirk:


Already done for you :wink:


Cathay Paciic plane :eyes:

In all seriousness, LATAM 787 or Finnair A350 (Kivet Livery).


Qatar Airways A350-1000 (Go on the plane way too much). I also love their A380-800 is has universal power outlets and some of the best WiFi that I could stream Netflix.


I really love the Oneworld QR A35K , can’t wait for the A350 BA as well


The BA 747-400 is obviously my favourite…


I’ve gotta go with the 752


My favorites in order:

  1. Latam A350
  2. American B788
  3. Finnair A350
  4. BA B744


Has to be the Qatar 359, Finnair 359, and AA 737 MAX 8 (I feel bad saying this, but it’s a beautiful plane to fly)