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Welcome to the British Airways Virtual IFC Thread

IFVARB approved Virtual Airline | President: Chris Houghton

891d00006611c5f2d575d998479b9e778c77cb1b Winner of Best Virtual Airline in the 2018 IFC Awards

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British Airways Virtual. The Infinite Flight Community’s Leading VA for over Two Years.

At British Airways Virtual, you take us further…

Over 14,000 flights flown. 78,000 hours. The world circumnavigated 600 times. 1,810 routes. And we’re not done yet. British Airways Virtual is one of the most established and groundbreaking Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Flight Community, breaking barriers since it’s certification two years ago, and even before then as “Speedbird VA”. With over 50 aircraft in our mainline and codeshare fleet, and routes stretching to every continent, the entire world has been opened up and is ours for the flying. Over 200 Pilots, united together, as one, with the British Flair in every Nautical Mile we fly. We embody that spirit everywhere we grace and make experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, indefinitely, all within Infinite Flight.

We have a strong history going back to our formation in September 2015 as Speedbird VA, and later when we took on the flag of British Airways and became BA Virtual. Although we are not officially affiliated with BA, we try our utmost to maintain the high real-life standards that BA offers its customers and its staff. Through the community we have formed, pulling together a mutual love for British Airways and Infinite Flight, we really do our utmost to represent British Airways in the IFC to the best of our ability. I hope that following your visit to our thread, you feel that BA Virtual is the right Virtual Airline for you and that very soon you join us in our mission 'to Fly to Serve’.

Since its formation, I have always wanted to see this VA succeed and I have no doubt under Matt’s leadership, we shall continue to grow!

Founder of British Airways Virtual

A warm welcome to the British Airways Virtual OWA Thread.

As I have just taken over the role of President for this prestigious virtual airline, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping along this amazing journey to bring us where we are today. I believe our history is important. We started as Speedbird VA back in 2015 and took over the name of the UK’s flagship airline, British Airways Virtual Airline in 2016. Now we are in 2019 and there have been some outstanding progressions through the years and I am truly proud to be sitting in the left seat to take us on higher into the smooth clouds.

Chris Houghton
President of British Airways Virtual

We are a community, a family and a safe place to practice our mutual love for British Airways, Infinite Flight and aviation as a whole.

We currently have over 200 active pilots and over 1,810 different routes available to fly with our Mainline and Codeshare fleet consisting of over 50 different aircraft. Thanks to our strong community spirit, we continue to grow and our success continues to spread around the IFC. We host events both on the IFC and Internally frequently, and are one of the most, if not the most active and well established Virtual Airline within Infinite Flight.

Leadership positions are very popular and everyone who works hard within the team is in turn recognised, developed and rewarded.

Below you can see our staff members who are continually focused on providing the best for our members.

Senior Leadership

CJ. Houghton | @CJH | President

N. Petranek | @Nichalas_Petranek | Deputy President

A. Williams | @Adam_Williams | Deputy President and Media Contact

B. Tyson | @BenTyson06 | Routes and Mentor Manager

Matt Elphick | @Matt | Senior Advisor

Middle Leadership

Temporarily Nichalas Petranek | @Nichalas_Petranek | HR Manager

Boodz G. | @Boodz | Recruitment Manager

Max Burrell | @Max | Co - Events Manager

Miles Snowdon | @21cabbage | Co - Events Manager

Harry Xu | @Hazza | Co - Flight Supervisor

Liam Smart | @Liam_Smart | Co - Flight Supervisor

Chris Wing | @Chris_Wing | Co - Flight Supervisor

There are a number of things we can offer you as one of the leading VA’s within the IFC, one of which is our exceptional leadership team. Our Recruitment department, who will be your first point of contact when you apply, Flight Supervisors to help you with any issues with flying your aircraft, Human Resources that have been working hard to bring new and exciting routes for us. Although we have those departments, our members form quite a substantial knowledge base. A fantastic group of IFATC qualified members, members who have a great knowledge of the airports and hubs we have as a VA and some phenomenal photo editors. We are a really well rounded VA and would love for more people to come and join our team.

We have over 50 aircraft within our fleet, 1,810 routes to choose from spanning almost every continent, we host regular events both on the IFC and internally, and are comprised of over 200 pilots already within our Virtual Airline.

We have our own dedicated system for PiRep filing and Flight Monitoring, and will shortly be releasing a new PiRep system which is attached to our new website.

Still not convinced we’re the right Virtual Airline for you? Read what our pilots have to say about us below.

"For anyone who wants to join BAVA, go for it because it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Everyone here is like family, where we have fun chatting with each other and we also enjoy learning how to hone our pilot and ATC skills with each other. Every member of the staff does their absolute best to make sure each pilot who joins feels welcome, and they help each pilot with whatever they need. Every single question asked always gets an honest answer, and there is regular feedback. Joining BAVA was the best decision I ever made in October 2018 because since that time, I’ve gained a lot of new skills, and I have also met fellow pilots who I consider really good friends. You’ll definitely enjoy your time here because they are fun, and also professional.

@TRIavgeekMandy, BAVA Pilot

“BAVA is an absolutely fantastic place to be since I’ve joined my passion for aviation has grown, and I’ve made so many friends who also have a passion for aviation and infinite flight.”

@Beau_Giles, BAVA Pilot

“Being at BAVA is amazing, the people here are extremely friendly and all the staff are exceptional, especially with all the things they have to do and the questions they have to answer. CJ is just an outstanding CEO of this Virtual Airline and to be honest I don’t know how he does it, he has to control this massive virtual airline and has so much responsibility. I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff team we have.”

@Cjthew91, BAVA Pilot

Entry Requirements
  1. Grade 3 or above within Infinite Flight
  2. Possession of a valid Infinite Flight Community Account
  3. Possession of an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

We’d love to have you flying alongside us in the very near future! Here’s a step-by-step guide of the Welcome & Joining Process.

  • Upon completion of the initial application form, you will be messaged on the Infinite Flight Community by our recruitment team, with a link to a written test. You are advised to check the #tutorials category on the IFC for a bit of ‘revision’ before undertaking the test.

  • If a test result of 11/15 or higher is obtained, you will be invited via email to our slack forum, where you will be contacted by our welcome team and receive the warmest of BAVA welcomes.

  • Don’t worry if you don’t pass first time. If you don’t, we will message you in 7 days and you may re-take the test. After that, you will have to wait one month to take the test again.

Interested in joining? We can’t wait to have you! You can apply via our website or head directly to our application form.

At British Airways Virtual, we pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date route database within the Infinite Flight VA Community, with over 1,800 mainline and codeshare routes taking you to every continent on the globe bar Antarctica, and more being constantly added in line with real-world route expansions…

These routes are now easier to find than ever, with an integration allowing routes to be searched directly from our slack workspace.

Are you wondering where you can fly as a pilot with us? Follow the links below to gain a better insight into our routes database!

BAVA Routes Database | BAVA Destinations Map (Coming Soon)

Number of Aircraft in Fleet: 62

Our Fleet is one of, if not the most extensive within Infinite Flight. There’s something for everyone, and it is ever increasing with the release of new codeshare routes and expansions to British Airways’ Destination list.

Our Mainline Fleet
Rank One

The Embraer 190 is the backbone of British Airways’ main subsidiaries fleet. BACityFlyer operate 16 E190s which fly to many short-haul destinations within Europe and beyond, from their hubs in London City, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Dublin and London Stansted.

Airbus A319-100
Our A319 Fleet is a part of the backbone of short-haul aircraft that British Airways use at their Heathrow and Gatwick hubs, with routes stretching to Cyprus and Northern Africa.

Canadair Regional Jet 700
One of the newest additions to the Infinite Flight Fleet, the CRJ700 was operated by Maersk Air UK up until 2003. It operated out of Birmingham Airport to domestic and European Destinations under a British Airways Franchise Agreement.

Rank Two

The Airbus A320 is the mainstay of British Airways’ short to medium haul fleet. Again, operating out of London Heathrow and London Gatwick to many international and domestic locations.

Rank Three

The Airbus A321, being the largest of the A32X series of aircraft, expands the routes you can fly even further. Explore the middle east and even further afield!

The Comair Boeing 737-800 is one of the freshest aircraft within Infinite Flight, livery wise. Fly this beauty with its astounding split scimitar winglets around South Africa and beyond with Comair, a franchisee of British Airways.

Rank Four

British Airways B767-300
The recently retired British Airways B763 currently remains within our fleet, as a homage to the beauty and versatility of the aircraft. The 767 serves British Airways’ most in-demand routes around Europe, and OpenSkies also operated the B767-300 on its daily service to New York Newark Airport, from Paris Orly.

OpenSkies B757-200
OpenSkies, a fully owned former subsidiary of British Airways operated two B757s originally from BAs main fleet on its route between Paris Orly and New York John F Kennedy Airport. A firm favourite route with our pilots.

The retro McDonnell Douglas DC-10 can be operated from London Gatwick to countless international destinations worldwide. A true globe hopper, destinations include San Diego and Colombo.

Rank Five

At Rank 5, you gain access to the backbone of British Airways’ long-haul fleet, the Boeing 777-200ER and B777-300ER. Carrying you as far as Sydney, Australia and Lima, Peru, the routes available to fly with the B777 are almost endless…

Rank Six

British Airways’ fleet is changing, as a new era of high range, highly efficient commercial airliners take hold. The Boeing 787 is the epitome of this, with British Airways currently having 30 in their fleet. You can fly the B789 and B78X on 25 routes worldwide.

Rank Seven

Quite possibly the most iconic airliner in history, the Boeing 747-400 is still an integral part of British Airways’ long-haul fleet. Operating to 22 destinations around the world and being in British Airways’ Fleet since 1989, the “Queen of the Skies” is a firm favourite within our Virtual Airline.

Rank Eight

Airbus A380-800
Undeniably the largest aircraft within the British Airways fleet, this super jumbo operates our most in-demand routes, to destinations such as Los Angeles, Boston, Singapore and Johannesburg, with a maximum capacity of 469 passengers.

The Airbus A318-100 is the most exclusive aircraft within our Virtual Airline. Operating only one route, LCY - SNN - JFK and the return as JFK - LCY, in a 32-seat full business class configuration. This route takes over from Concorde’s route with the callsign “Speedbird 1”.

Our Codeshare Fleet

All of our codeshares are real-world codeshare agreements with British Airways. This gives a vast expanse of routes available for our pilots to fly.

Aer Lingus
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A320-200 45
A321-200 4
B757-200 (Generic) 3
A330-300 (Generic) 9
Alaska Airlines
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
DH8D 3
CRJ-700 6
B737-800 2
B737-900 6
American Airlines
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
CRJ (All Variants) 145
A320-200 15
B737-800 98
A321-200 43
B757-200 4
B767-300 24
B777 (All Variants) 15
B787-9 1
Bangkok Airways
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
B717-200 8
Cathay Pacific
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A330-300 6
B777-300ER 4
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A321-200 15
A330-300 (Generic) 7
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
CRJ-1000 6
A321-200 4
A330-300 (Generic) 16
A340-600 (Generic) 4

At Rank Eight, the Boeing 747-200 may be flown as a replacement to the Generic Liveries on LongHaul Routes.

Japan Airlines
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
CRJ-200 12
B737-800 9
B777-200ER 7
B787-9 2
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A319-100 12
A320-200 12
B787-9 1
B787-9 2
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
DH8D 2
B717-200 5
B737-800 12
B787-9 5
Qatar Airways
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A319-100 13
A321-200 14
B787-8 19
A340-600 1
B777-300ER 8
B777-200LR 1
A380-800 4
S7 Airlines
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A319-100 11
Aircraft Number of Routes Available with Aircraft
A320-200 8

Want to feast your eyes on more eye opening statistics? Thought so! Here’s some for you!

Our CrewCenter gives us a fantastic insight into our most popular destinations, aircraft, and how much and how far we’ve flown!

British Airways Virtual Statistics

Total Miles Flown: 14,900,000

Did You Know?

That’s over 572 times around the Earth’s equator!

Total Hours Flown: 78,563

Did You Know?

That’s nearly 9 years of collective flight time!

Total No. of Flights Flown: 14,217

Did You Know?

That equates to one flight a day for approximately 35 years!

Number of Flights Last Month: 1,210 Flights Flown throughout January 2019

Previous Months
Month No. Flights
January 2019 1210
Entire 2018 10,657
Oct - Dec 2017 1228

Number of Active Flight Schedules: 1,810

Did You Know?

Flying one flight a day, it would take a pilot almost 5 years to fly every route in our database!

Busiest Hub: London Heathrow (EGLL)

Top Three Hubs
Position Airport
1. London Heathrow (EGLL)
2. London Gatwick (EGKK)
3. London City (EGLC)

These are British Airways’ Three Main Hubs.

Most Used Aircraft: Airbus A319 (British Airways)

Most Flown Route: BA1 (EGLC - KJFK) (Flown 220 Times)

Number of Active Pilots: 295

Stats Last Updated 162000ZFEB19

The OneWorld Virtual Alliance


The OneWorld Virtual Alliance

OneWorld is an airline alliance founded on 1 February 1999. The alliance’s stated objective is to be the first choice airline alliance for the world’s frequent international travellers. It was founded by 5 different companies; American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Canadian Airlines.

Currently, OneWorld currently has 13 different airlines; American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, SriLankan Airlines.

Within the IFC, we like to try and keep to realism as close as possible and jointly we have created a OneWorld Virtual Alliance with our other VA partners to allow all of our pilots to have access to an extensive range of routes to enjoy! Click here to head over to the OneWorld Virtual Alliance thread.

Keep an eye on our OneWorld thread as we release more information on routes, events and more exciting things!

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts & Global Air Forces

British Airways Virtual and IFAE-GAF have had a longstanding relationship since the start of our partnership, nearly one year ago.

British Airways Virtual pilots can look forward to an event with IFAE every sixty days, often with upwards of 30 pilots attending the events with a combined total. We alternate these routes between Europe and America, to expand both organisation’s horizons, and deepen our already thriving relationship.

British Airways Virtual pilots may also be enlisted to fly “chartered” flights for the Global Air Force division of IFAE-GAF. Whenever troops require transportation to a BAVA destination, the route and flight details will be advertised and a pilot selected to fly the chartered flight. A link to track the pilot in the skies of IF will be given, and a report of the flight given to the members of IFAE-GAF that requested it.

IFAE-GAF also have a route sharing agreement in place, where its pilots can fly select BAVA routes as a part of Infinite Flight Aviation Experts.

We here at BAVA are very proud of this deep and intimate relationship that we have forged with the Infinite Flight Community’s leading Virtual Organisation, and the benefits that it brings to our pilots.

| Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Official Infinite Flight Community Thread |

| IFAE Global Air Forces Official Infinite Flight Community Thread |

Alaska Airlines Virtual

BAVA is very proud to announce its latest partnership with Alaska Airlines Virtual. Our partnership is centred around routes and events, ultimately furthering both VA’s horizons. We cannot wait to work further with ASVA.

Codeshare Agreement
BAVA and ASVA have agreed on a mutual codeshare agreement, to give pilots from both VAs a taste of what the other has to offer. BAVAs codeshares with ASVA are all real-world codeshares, and ASVA have also selected 15 of BAVAs routes which they can offer to their pilots.

Events Agreement
We have also agreed with ASVA to host a joint event every 60 days, in which we will either fly a BAVA or ASVA route. This is a great way of showing our affiliation and exploring the world together, as partners.

| ASVA’s Official Infinite Flight Community Thread |

Here at British Airways Virtual, we use an application called Slack. It’s a great way in which our members from all over the world can have a chat to get to know each other, share stories and even plan a group flight. For the staff members, we use it to keep everyone informed about things going on in the VA community; large events, new features and routes.

We have regular posts on our website for new and exciting features and a calendar set up for our upcoming events!

Further information is available on our website or on direct request.

Here’s a few handy ways of keeping in touch with us and keeping up to date with what’s going on!

Social Media:

British Airways Virtual

Formal Methods:

contact@bavaif.com (You can find personal emails for our team in our “Staff” section)

Continue to monitor our thread for further updates about our amazing Virtual Airline!

Thread information | Disclaimer

Thread details

This thread has been created by the Senior Leadership Team and will be monitored regularly.

The safeguarding of young and/or vulnerable people and our members

The President and by extension, the staff of BA Virtual take its responsibility to safeguard our members from online bullying, sexual exploitation, extremism and those with mental health issues very seriously. We will actively support, guide and direct those whom we believe are at risk or require assistance to a suitable external agency based in their home country. We have UK DBS (formally known as CRB, more info here) cleared staff who can assist our members; Your privacy and safety are always our priority.

For further information or to report a concern, our safeguarding leads are Mr Matt Elphick, Mr CJ Houghton and Mr Adam Williams.

Corporate Information

Mr CJ Houghton, the president and owner of BA Virtual, supports the below legislative statement. Any concerns or questions are to be addressed in writing to @CJHoughton within the IFC or @CJH in the OWA


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There isn’t a day I look on LiveFlight and not seeing at least 10 BAVA callsigns. It’s great to have the community’s leading VA in this alliance.


Looking good BAVA - can’t wait to fly with you guys!

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