Introduction of me


Canal Street in Manchester UK is commonly referred to as Gay Village and is a great night out :slight_smile: Also people have covered over the C from Canal Street on more than one occasion! :smiley:


It’s funny cuz I’m gay :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Fly your flag!


That is not my flag at all…


I never said it was! Tis what I fly! :slight_smile:


Canal street in Manchester, UK is probably nothing compared to the red light district in Amsterdam. The city is amazing and I’d love to go back, but i can say for sure that the red light district is something completely different


That’s two different things though, Gay village is for people to feel safe and express who they are, Red Light District is more for pleasure!


Sounds like I need to travel to Amsterdam. A whole bunch of faggotry for me to have fun with… maybe I’ll hook up with a few hot guys… maybe I’ll find the one and just stay in Amsterdam… possibilities are endless