Most memorable moment aboard a flight!


Hey guys! I thought this would be a great topic to start with! Does anyone have a moment that they will never forget on an aircraft? Mine was when I was flying solo and the flight attendant was being funny and gave me 3 biscoffs! What’s yours?


Getting hit on the head with the breakfast cart


Sitting next to the bathroom when it overflowed. Not good.


On a flight back from Belgium, on a US Airways flight to Philadelphia we had to stop in Reykjavik, Iceland due to low fuel on board are 757… I’m assuming it had to due with stronger headwinds then they were figuring lol. Needless to say everyone on board missed there connections in Philly…


Ouch. That must’ve hurt


Maybe. I don’t remember cuz I was really young. It was back when LOT operated the 767, which was a while ago


My most memorable moment on a flight was my very first takeoff and it was a UA 777 from Lax to Iad if anyone remembers that?..


Landing with a wildfire raging just 3-4 kilometres away…lots of flights were diverting and ours managed to land.


Probably approaching KPHX in heavy thunderstorms (seriously-it was like day, there were so many lightning flashes). We managed to be the last flight to land before flights diverted to LAS and LAX for the remainder of the night.


Definitely flying on the :crown: of the Skies to MCO - departing the plane was only quarter full! We got free reign of the bottom deck of the Virgin Atlantic Bird, I chose a different seat for each hour of the 9 hour flight!


I have a few, but most recently I recounted a story to a friend where I got on a Virgin Atlantic flight from JFK (early AM) to go to LHR… Seems a man had poo’ed himself and refused to get off the plane. I overheard the flight attendants at the rear suggesting wrapping him in blankets to make his walk down the aircraft less traumatic for passengers and him. They got him a hotel room and put him on the red eye that night. After the initial disgust I actually felt really bad for the poor bloke.

My godfather was a Senior Captain for BA and told me two BONKERS stories… maybe I’ll jot those down later, if anyone is interested…


I sprayed liquid a$$ on a flight… no doubt that flight was the most memorable out of all the ones I’ve been on.


I have many memorable flights.
Two of which happened this year, when I flew to CLE and MIA respectively

Back in January, I arrived into Cleveland to visit my cousin. while I exited, I happen to see the co-pilot, and so I say hi and tell him that the landing was awesome (Arrived when Cleveland was windy as heck!), and he invited me into the cockpit, and I met with the Captain.
I couldn’t have thanked him enough, and I dedicated that video to them when I finished the trip report.

Same when I went to Miami back in June, though when I connected through PHL. I met the Crew of the flight to PHL in Manchester (MHT), and, me being me, I said hello and introduced myself and I showed them my Camera and told them I was a youtuber.
What i didn’t know was that when we landed in Philadelphia, was that BOTH pilots actually wanted to see the video of them landing! It was such an awesome thing for a pilot to be interested to see what I have caught on Video. I guess they wanted to see their landings.

Those are my best memories of flying.

I’ve visited the cockpit many times when I fly when I get a chance.