Most realistic feeling dreams


So last night I woke up in the middle of the night because of an insanely realistic-feeling dream that I was having…

I was a flight attendant for American airlines serving the chicago-london route and with the return flight a couple days later… on the flight to London, I spilled spaghetti on my uniform and spent a half hour trying to clean it off. Then while I was in London, I met up with @Matt and Misha, as well as a few former members of BAVA. On the return flight, I was serving first class and during the flight, befriended Shawn Mendes and ended up with his phone number…

Obviously none of this applies to my life at all because I’m not even a flight attendant… but wow would that have been an incredible experience over the course of a few days…

What are some of the most realistic-feeling dreams that you have had?


Was I there… Lol


Anyway my turn!
So most of my dreams are lucid, but I have a few.

There was this apocalyptic dream I had and I was like the leader of everyone. (Its going to get weirder) I guess people werent happy my brother would be in power soon, and that my step-dads bloodline was within the walls. So they decided to murder my brother and my step-dad… Yeah lets say that felt very realistic. I mean its not realistic in IRL here. It just in my mind two realistic.


Sounds like that play Macbeth to me


Never seen it… Haha


Think you can drop me Mendes’ number? Lol


You were not. It was Louis, Fleming, and Lewis


I wish. I didn’t remember the number. Otherwise I would’ve tried to actually call him in real life. Even then, I don’t think I would give it out.


Lol, I was joking, and same


Lol, I hate it when I dream that my alarm clock goes off, so I get out of bed at 7am and start to brush my teeth.
Except it’s actually 4am.


I have a lot of dreams where I’m falling and right when I hit the ground I jerk awake


When I jerk awake, I can’t breathe or move! It’s SCARY!!!



Seriously! I get Sleep Paralysis sometimes, it’s such a scary feeling!


I had the dream that my wife and I are expecting a baby…

Oh wait, it’s a reality


I’ve never had it before, what is it like? I’ve heard it’s creepy.
And @Chris_Hoover, remember what I said in Slack! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: