Most Wanted in Infinite Flight


What is everyone’s most wanted aircraft/livery in IF. There are many aircraft and liveries missing, and I’m curious to know which one everyone wants the most.

Personally, the commercial aircraft I’d love to see the most is the Airbus A350XWB series, and for GA aircraft, it’d have to be the Embraer Phenom or Legacy series. These planes for me are absolute beauties, and I think they’d look amazing in IF, and be great to fly with a longer range when compared to their competitions.


I agree when it comes to GA such as the Legacy and I’d really like to see more liveries on the B788.


Not gonna lie here… I would love to see a BA livery on the 748 both on IF and IRL


They still need to get that A333 AA livery done… hopefully there’ll be an A330 rework!


A350 (Delta, Singapore, Lufthansa New, Asiana), a Hainan and AC New 787, a AC New 77W, SQ A333 and 772, American A333


I just want Concorde!


Concorde would be fun to fly tbh


Updated AA 772 livery & 763 livery


Airbus A220 would be nice


Virgin Atlantic B747-400 livery would be stunning! - that’s high on my wishlist


Let’s see now…
Singapore Airlines A333
Singapore Airlines B772
Singapore Airlines A350 :heart_eyes:
Silk Airlines B738

That’s my wishlist. Chris don’t hate on me :relaxed:


Oh please no lord almighty no


Noob nightmare is what they call it. Except it isn’t happening in your head, its happening in real life.


Southwest heart livery on the 737-800 and MD-80S


I would love to see the Copa Airlines 737 max9 with the wingtips. Looks amazing


I don’t think they’re planning on adding the MAX series anytime soon, but if they do eventually then the AA 737-MAX8 would be simply beautiful.


ThEy WiLl AdD tHe MaX sOoN!


Did you forget the Comair MAX :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


What is “Comair”???!?!?


Comair is a subsidiary operated by British Airways, based mainly in South Africa. It’s scheduled domestic flights based using short haul aircraft, primarily the 737 series and a few a320s