Most Wanted in Infinite Flight


We definitely need the A350 :rage:


OMG a350 is definitely coming to If. TBM is just a prank bro, it’s actually the a350…
@luke_kelly would back me up if he were here


We need the TBM and A350… along with the 737 MAX… I’m asking for too much…


I’d be happy to see clouds, rain and the drop dead gorgeous scimitar winglets!


Split Scimitars are :heart_eyes:


Couldn’t agree more.


Bring in the snow! I remember being on N277AK operating as ASA313 (Alaska 313) KSFO-KSEA ==Yes I was at KSFO! :open_mouth: ==

We were on approach Runway 16R at KSEA and all I could saw were crazy think clouds (so low visibility) with so much snow and I really wanted to simulate that in IF. But I couldn’t :frowning: