Official Promo Video Contest for OneWorld Virtual (Finish by Nov 1st at 0000Z)


I thought it’d be cool to have a contest for who can create the best promo video for OneWorld Virtual!
Please only use videos/photos from IF in your mini-movie. Videos should be 20 minutes max but at least 2 minutes long.

It must be finished by November 1, 2018 at 00:00Z. I know this is a long time, but hopefully it’ll be enough for those who want to go all-out on this project.

I’m interested to see what videos you guys end up creating; we’ll see if I decide to make one…


This contest is now official. All timelines will be kept the same and video submissions can still be submitted to @racerclc. The oneworld team look forward to the videos that you’ll create! And the winner and runner up might get a very nice prize.

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I guess I had a good idea after all hehe

Anyway, I’d say avoid any copyrighted music or photos, please. Just in case…

Also, when sharing your video with me, please post it on YouTube (either Public or Unlisted is fine) and share the link with me. Thanks!


I recommend use NCS music or something similar as they are free songs to use with CREDIT.


Maybe we should wait to close submissions until after AAVA re-opens?


We’ll keep it open. Doesn’t matter AAVA isn’t around. BA piltos can still enter


No one ended up sending in any submissions…
I’m thinking about making a vid now, but it might not be done until the end of the month (or even later).

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