Poll: Everyone here is also on IFC, right? (Your TL on IFC)


(I see some off-topic posts hovering around, so I hope this doesn’t violate any rules…)
I’m interested to see how people here rank in IFC. This info might be useful if someone’s wondering whether to post an event they’re making in OneWorld and IFC or only on IFC.
Additionally, you can respond to this thread saying what trust level you are in IFC (or if you’re not in IFC) and what trust level you intend on becoming in the future.

  • Not in IFC (don’t worry, we don’t bite)
  • TL0
  • TL1
  • TL2
  • TL3
  • TL4
  • TL5
  • TL6
  • TL7
  • TL8
  • TL when will I run out of numbers to type here

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I’m TL2 right now, but I’m working towards that Regular status. :smiley:


Did you know there actually is a poll option.

  • Yes
  • No

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Am I allowed to create one?
Idk what to type in, I always just use the button on the toolbar in IFC


Yes… Click the gear on that hotbar


Oh :man_facepalming: it’s because I was TL0 when I created the topic
Ok I’ve put the poll in now, thanks for your help!


I would like to point out that the trust level system doesn’t go up to 8… only 4. As for the people that voted for the last option in the poll, y’all are some smarta**es


I know that it only goes up to 4, I was just trying to make it more fun…
Looking back, I think I’d change TL8 to TL8 (hacks), so if there’s a mod who wants to do that for me, they’re welcome to :slight_smile:


Cant wait to be a regular :slight_smile:
Edit: Damn emojis i just want a normal smiley face