Qantas Freight To Get Boeing 747-8F


Hey guys,
Some exciting news has recently occurred in down under. Even though the passenger variant of Qantas 747 will be all gone by mid-2020. We still might see a Qantas 747 in the sky, but this time the freight variant.

Qantas Freight will be welcoming two Boeing 747-8F’s to their fleet. These will replace the two other Boeing 747-400F’s in which they’re wet leasing from ATLAS AIR, (However those aircraft are not in Qantas livery). The 747-8F will have an extra 20% compacity over the currently flying 747-400F’s. The 747-8F’s will be received by Qantas freight late July from Atlas Air to replace the current 747-400F’s. Sadly the 747-*f’s will wear the ATLAS AIR livery. What do you think about this upgrade to the Qantas freight fleet? Are you a fan of the Queen of the skies?
Photo Credit; Nick Dean (Please note this is a photo edit, Not what it will look like!)

Information source: Dj’s Aviation

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Luke Louw (Marketing at QVG)


What an amazing post. For extra info, if not stated above, these Boeing 747-8F will not be painted in the Qantas livery, they will be painted in the Atlas Air livery.
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Adam S