School and Stuff


What grade (year) are you guys in?
Are you still in school?
What classes are you taking?

School started a few weeks for me. I’m in the core classes, drawing, and Spanish, and PE.


I’m in Upper Sixth (Year 13, last year!)

I’m studying 3 A levels, Maths, Physics and Economics. They’re a challenge but a nice challenge and thoroughly recommend them to anyone for their sixth form career.


I’m in the lower sixth (Year 12) - second last year and no exams unlike @Matt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m studying Mathematics, Chemistry and French. Chemistry and Maths are challenging but really interesting, and French is a bit of fun! :fr:


I’m in my senior year of high school :slight_smile:


What’s school?


Left college in 2005! :grimacing:


I finish this year! Last exam 14th June. Officially leave school on 28th June.


Well this comment explains a lot about you! :rofl::grimacing::wink:


I’m a sophomore in high school

WHAP is killing me!!!


I am in year 4(Grade 9) and yes, I am still in school. I take Algebra 2, Computer Forensics, Level 3 Biology, Level 2 Engineering and Design, Neuroscience, Level 4 Social Science (A class that’s mostly propaganda to make our government look successful), Level 4 History (another propaganda class). That’s most of my classes but their are some more.


Im in my freshie year just like Kevvy. I take Visual Art 1, Biology 1 Honors, Spanish 2, Foundations of Computer Science, US History Honors, Geometry Honors, and Pre AP English. I honestly dont get the honors parts because its not college level at all. Which the teachers say its like AP. At this rate I should able to only take half a days my senior year if I double my classes.


I’m in fastrack IGCSE, if you don’t know what it is I’m doing 1 year of IGCSE then 2 years. Doing 5 subjects; Physics, Maths, Spanish, ICT and English.


I’m a sophomore in high school. I’m taking WHAP. And it is stressing me out.

I am also taking a college psych GE course

My life is great :grimacing:


What is WHAP?


Nope, I finished back in May.


AP World History


I’m in grade 11 1 more year in high school one


Freshman in high school
AP Biology, Algebra II honors, German I, AP world history, English I, Theology I honors, health



Too much going on in my life and it is giving me anxiety.