School and Stuff


I graduated high school in 2003 and continousely have been involved in college.


I have no idea what grade i am because i use a diff sort of system XD


Currently a freshman in high school. I’m taking Honors Algebra 2, Honors Chinese 2, AP Computer Science Principles, Modern World History, English IX, and Honors Biology.

I currently played on JV soccer last fall, IM basketball in the winter, and I’m taking a life-guarding course. I am also a certified state of CT soccer referee.


How are you already taking these courses especially as a freshman in high school?!


(Honors) Chinese 2 and (Honors) Biology are standard for all freshman at my school. AP CSP and (Honors) Algebra 2 are classes I’m taking ahead of time


Currently a junior in high school (grade 11).Hoping to get in either ERAU or any other afordable flight school to study in.Currently srriving for my Masters or bachelors in aviation technology and the aspects of flying.


I am a freshman(9th grade)in High school and I am still in high school. One of the class I take is Computer Assistance Design(CAD) where we make stuffs such as box.