Should the OneWorld Airlines (BAVA/AAVA) have a trans Atlantic grp flight?


Well, it’s been a long time since the two huge airlines have done a large scale grp flight together. Why not we wait for a AAVA/BAVA hub to be IFATC choice and get another member of IFATC from the airlines to host ATC for the departure/arrival airport

If EGLL has IFATC scheduled, an IFATC member from BAVA/AAVA can do the KLAX ATC, and since this a 9-10h flight, one of the timezones can sleep while the flight is an overnighter. The airlines will also fly the B77W and the A380 respectively.

I think this would be a great idea and I hope the BoDs of the VAs will start coordinating something like this…


Or the 747… the ba 747 flies to lax as well


This is a great idea! The problem is timing. Fitting on a long hauls so that both US and EU guys can attend is very difficult but we are working on it!


Well the US is 5 to 8 hours behind im sure with some planning and coordination we can make it happen.


Awesome idea DerpFlies


We’ve already flown one this year, and we’re looking forward to more in the near future! If anyone has any suggestions, then do let us know!


JFK to LGA please kthxbye


Only hub to hubs I can think of are:
KORD-EGLL (I think this has already been done)

I don’t think Hub-Hub would be the best option because it’s very limited and flying to the above airports will not produce the most interesting flight ever.

We could do a Quantas long haul😏


perfect, timing surely wont be an issue XD


Yeah, this would be awesome!!!