TBM 930 Suggested Routes


It’s coming, of course we don’t know when don’t speak to @ThomasR about when it’s coming, he might get a bit Salty! Here are some suggested routes for the TBM930 as I’m sure it will be bracing the Infinite Flight Communities very soon! (Don’t ask me how soon soon is, ask @Kirito_77)

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Suggested Routes:

Route Aircraft(s) ETE
EG18-EGNS TBM930 ~1hr30
LFBT-EGPK TBM930 ~1hr40
LFBT-LGKR TBM930 ~3hr20
LGKR-UGTB TBM930 Unknown
EGPK-BIKF TBM930 Unknown
North America
Route Aircraft(s) ETE
KJAC-KTEX TBM930 Unknown
KMBL-KFIT TBM930 Unknown
KPWK-KOSH TBM930 Unknown
South America
Route Aircraft(s) ETE
Route Aircraft(s) ETE
Route Aircraft(s) ETE
UGTB-UTAM TBM930 Unknown
UTAM-VIDP TBM930 Unknown
VIDP-VEBS TBM930 Unknown
VEBS-VOPB TBM930 Unknown
VOPB-WSSS TBM930 Unknown

Get Adding your favourite routes that you’d like to try in the TBM!
If you can’t edit this post, be sure to suggest some down In the thread below and they’ll be added!


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Don’t ask me how soon it is either Adam… I have absolutely no idea… :face_with_monocle:


I’m gonna try this


52F-3AU is a great little route.


KBML-KFIT is a nice little route. Fly one from Berlin, NH to Fitchburg, MA in the TBM


KSBY-KTEB is an awesome one. (home airport whoop whoop!)
KOPF-MYNN is a Stevo classic (ish) and a route that I personally enjoy very much.

I would add them in, but the struggle of being an IFC regular and basic here is real. :joy: