Welcome To The oneworld Community (2019)


Hello there, welcome to the Oneworld Community. This community is for pilots and staff members of airlines that are in the Oneworld Virtual Alliance. Please read what is below so you can get a feel of how we operate, to make your experience easy and amazing!

Trust Levels And Community Member Organization

Trust levels on this discourse are just like the ones on the IFC. However we structure ours a little bit differently. Take a look to see how people are structured so that you can know how to move up trust levels and get to the so called heaven called the private lounge, which is for our most active members.

Oneworld Alliance Executor

Oneworld Alliance Legislature
@Dylan_B // AAVA
@anujS // AAVA
@Adam_Williams // BAVA
@Darren_QFA0333 // QVG
@qvJosh // QVG

TL4 (Trust Level 4)

Trust level 4 is a unique and special trust level that community members can achieve. Only the most active oneworld community members will be appointed to help moderate our community. However, we will not be increasing our moderator count unless we see growth in activity. You will know when the oneworld staff starts considering adding moderators to our community.

TL3 (Trust Level 3)

Trust level 3 is granted to staff members that aren’t admins or moderators as well as our most active members on this community, also known as regulars. Regulars get access to a private “lounge”, as well as the ability to get their title customized to what they want it to be. They also get a unique shout out on the oneworld instagram, as well as in the announcements channel of their virtual airline. Finally, regulars can make and edit wikis. Want to be a regular in fast? Then be active!

TL2 (Trust Level 2)

Trust level 2 is granted automatically to members of our community that are getting closer to their regular promotion. Again, reading, replying and creating topics often will get you to TL2 in fast, and keep it up after TL2 to get to TL3 in no time.

TL1 (Trust Level 1)

This trust level is given to those who have joined our community and have met the basic activity requirements for it.

TL0 (Trust Level 0)

Trust level 0 is given to those who have just joined our community. Be an active user and you’ll move right on through the different trust levels.

If you have any other inquiries about trust levels, please see this topic I have linked here.

Topic Guidelines… Are There Any???

When it comes to topic guidelines, we really don’t care all that much as to what you create. Keep in mind that this is not like the Infinite Flight Community, so there’s no need to equate the two. Just make sure it does not violate our community guidelines, and make sure the topic has some meaning. Please note Moderators and admins have the right to close, unlist and delete topics.

Misconduct/Flagging Guidelines

If there happens to be an issue with a topic that you notice, please flag it and move on. We don’t need unnecessary replies saying that’s not ok or please ask a staff member before doing blah blah blah. Simply click the flag button and we the admins and Moderators will handle it.

If a user happens to do something against our community guidelines (which will be determined by admins) then admins will be notified if they haven’t already, and will discuss the proper protocol to dish out. Here is a list of things the admins can give out.

Click to view list
  • User silence (prevents user from posting, replying)
  • 1 day suspension
  • 3 day suspension
  • 7 day suspension
  • 14 day suspension
  • 28 day suspension
  • 3 month suspension
  • 6 month suspension
  • 1 year suspension
  • Complete removal from the forum

As said above, don’t go against our guidelines which are linked below, and you won’t have to worry about the consequence protocols.

Important Topics

Please take a look at the topics below as they are very important to this forum.

Community Guidelines

Terms Of Service

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