What’s Your Favorite Airport?


My favorite Airport is BWI because it’s a pretty nice size Airport that is very easy to get through. I feel like every time i go through security it only takes 5minutes, which in my opion is very fast. Also Southwest has a Hub there so i can get a flight with SW whenever i want too. What’s your favorite Airport?


Wonder if anyone could guess what my favorite airport is :thinking:


SFO for me cause thats where i work :wink:


I honestly like more than one. I love El Paso International, Pittsburgh International, and Baltimore Thurgood/Washington International. All for reasons :heart_eyes:


Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport, Silicon Valley’s Airport SJC KSJC



I’ve flown into that airport. Saw a Norwegian 787 and a BA 777 while I was waiting for my Spirit A321 flight back to KDTW


You must be talking about KOAK (Oakland).

BA brings a 789 from EGLL into KSJC and neither Norwegian nor Spirit flies to KSJC.

Also KSJC currently does not have nonstop flights to Detroit. That would soon change when Delta opens up KSJC-KDTW on November 15.

Btw, the BA 777 you saw at KOAK goes to EGKK (London Gatwick)


Mix up… yep was talking about Oakland. I was in San Jose. Stayed right next to the airport by the M8trix casino. I think it was a Hainan 787 that I saw fly out of KSJC while I was there.


There we go. That is San Jose!

Hainan does not go to Oakland or San Francisco. Just San Jose :grinning:


EGNT :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Best airport possible ever


My fav is KLAX. Followed up by EGLL


Has to be Hamad International Airport. Probably cause I live in the city of Doha but, it’s very quiet. If your grading for your hometown it has to be Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The airport is very interesting thanks to AOT.


Basic Infinite Flight Player

My favorite airport is TNCM. Love the scenery, the island it’s on and the ones around it, and the interesting variety of routes it has.


Like to fly on TS1 much? :joy:


Lmao no. I’ve been to LAX and I love the setup and ATC procedures. I love Heathrow because of infinite flight and BA being one of my favourite airlines.


My favorite airport is KFLL



Why? Because I live next to these two airports and basically know the ins and outs of everything regarding these two airports.


We. Don’t. Care.

We get it. You live in NYC.


I prefer CYVR, nice scenery and great approach


My favorite airport is KLAX because I live under final approach for Runway 24R. :slight_smile: