What’s Your Favorite Airport?


O’ Hare, baby! May not be the cleanest but its my hometown airport.


I adore EGLL - I go there so often (as it is my local airport), you could basically say that I live there :wink:


O’Hare for me too. The amount of runways we have and the patterns for approach are just amazing, and the cargo ops are very impressive as well at ORD


I like Providenciales. Can anyone guess why?


because you lived there? :joy:


You know me too well


My favorite airport is KDEN. While it’s not actually the closest to me, it’s the closest major international airport. I like the design and the destinations. I wish there was a spotting area though…


Has to be KDFW for me🤪


My favorite airport would have to be KBDL, probably because its my home airport.


I like VHHH due to the mountainous appr/ TO


In real life, TNCM. I haven’t actually flown to that airport before, but I visited it one time during a cruise. Watching the landings & takeoffs was nice!
Unfortunately, this was a few years ago, so I wasn’t as interested in aviation then as I am now. Otherwise I probably would have appreciated the experience more.

Oh well, if I go back again sometime, I’ll be sure to bring my camera. :wink:


I can relate to that as my parents took us on a cruise in 2014 in the Eastern Carribean and one of the stops was St. Marteen but I wasnt enthuasic about aviation and I just stood there at the beach without paying much attention. Only payed attention to the KLM aircraft that landed which was epic.