What's the saddest thing that has happened to you in Infinite Flight?


I was on final at Auckland from Los Angeles when my phone fell out of my hands and I just plunged to the ground. RIP 11 Hrs.


Crashing while I was away from my iPad. I was flying KDAL-KSJC and I crashed while I was at practice

Got 6 violations and was grade 1

@Chris_Hoover thought I was flying for AAVA and that I should’ve followed the handbook procedures but I was flying for Southwest Virtual at the time of the crash.


When I was first trying out Global.
I kept trying to do KJFK to Honolulu, but the app kept crashing! No matter how would try to fly the route, it kept crashing.

Ok, I guess that’s not really a sad moment…
but a moment that was actually sad was when I had to pay 60 whole dollars to renew my subscription :joy:


I flew with @Transport_Hub :unamused:


I’ll tell you my saddest thing - my iPad used to randomly turn off on flights. It happened for a while until Chris Shaffer (I think) told me to update my device, which worked.


Well I was flying from KJFK-OTHH-NZAA but, my phone crashed the plane for no reason when I was right over Canbera.


I vectored Deer Crusher very close to a mountain





flight from KATL to Honolulu. app crashed on final. RIP 12 hour flight


I almost crashed into a mountain yesterday


one time i was flying into denver dyer a 3 hour flight at night and i crashed into a mountain. this is why i never, ever, fly at night.


I love night flights, but only when I can confirm I’m above Mt. Everest


Have to be flying KDFW-EGLL… fell asleep right after takeoff still holding my iPad… must of hit the AP off and apparently nose dive picking up violation after violation, Not a good morning when I woke up and found that :sweat_smile::exploding_head:


Almost nose diving into the runway at Innsbruck during an emergency landing due to fuel.


Sounds like a typical occurance with Ryanair :slight_smile:


I was 18 hours into YSSY-WSSS-EGLL and Infinite Flight crashed.


I have had so much till I cant recall


Going to sleep grade four waking up on the casual server


But Chris S is the GOAT and saved me


I play IF in two devices- my iPad and my iPhone. When the TBM update was released, I was flying it over the alps on my iPhone. When I went to update IF and download the TBM on my iPad, the throttle got cut on my iPhone because my account was being used in two places. I had to glide down from FL250 to a tiny airport in the middle of nowhere. I made it though, and it was actually a lot of fun! So not that sad I guess… didn’t get to finish the flight.