Why do you like flying for VAs?


I’m just curious why so many of us like to fly for VAs like AAVA , CXVA and BAVA. Tell us the reason behind your decision. Mine is that I want to have a purpose flying a specific livery around the globe.


To replicate the real world operations of Airline in a Virtual setting. I also enjoy route/schedule flying.


I enjoy the realizim of flying for an actual organized airline. Having a specific callsign and achieving new ranks and calculating hours.


I like flying for VAs because I like to be part of a different community and file flights as I do them in IF.


Doing stuff by yourself is cool but theres no progression after grade 3 really and following fpl’s doesnt mean much. Joining a VA makes you do it and it means something to do flights the correct way. Plus you can fly with others to make it more interesting.


I like flying for VA’s because they replicate a real world experience. They also “make” you meet new people that you can relate to and gives you the opportunity to join in on events, and contribute to the community.


Personally, I like flying for Virtual Airlines as it gives me something to do and I like working to achieve rewards.


For me, I enjoy meeting new people in the VA community, and flying with others. It’s also nice to see all of my flight time accumulate in a VA!


I like meeting new people, learning new things and just enjoy flying with people. :airplane:


I enjoy flying for VAs. It gives me a sense of a career and you try to rank up. In the end, you reach the top level and it feels great after you’ve put in many hours towards that VA.


See if I fly my passengers have a guaranteed trip to heaven or hell so that’s why I tend to stay on the ground and work with VA ops more


interesting…lol XD


I enjoy flying with other aspiring pilots around the world


Meeting new people who share the same intersest in planes. Getting to fly with others in a big group example like events. Aslo its just using real life routes that you can fly and having an acheviment to rank up by gaining morr hours can be fun.