Why do you like flying for VAs?


I’m just curious why so many of us like to fly for VAs like AAVA , CXVA and BAVA. Tell us the reason behind your decision. Mine is that I want to have a purpose flying a specific livery around the globe.


Like you I want to fly all over the world with a purpose and in a wider scope to make friends and remember its a simulator and at the end of the day some element of fun is supposed to be there and of course professionalism.


To replicate the real world operations of Airline in a Virtual setting. I also enjoy route/schedule flying.


I enjoy the realizim of flying for an actual organized airline. Having a specific callsign and achieving new ranks and calculating hours.


I like flying for VAs because I like to be part of a different community and file flights as I do them in IF.


Doing stuff by yourself is cool but theres no progression after grade 3 really and following fpl’s doesnt mean much. Joining a VA makes you do it and it means something to do flights the correct way. Plus you can fly with others to make it more interesting.